Prostaglandins and Leukotrienes in Gastrointestinal Diseases

Technical writing component will include: academic publishing experimental designs, sampling design, measurement techniques, . Theory and Scientific Practice (Cambridge: Cambridge University Economics, US: Springer, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering, 2nd Edition, Wiley Inter.

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Sweet one-off release from Zombierella leads off with a groovy cover of early 80s German no-wave outfit No More's "Suicide Commando. Every Other Day by The Dandelion. Mystical new single from Australian psych project the Dandelion features twisting Farfisa lines, ghostly vocals, and spaced out atmosphere.

Fare Trax by Campfires. Explore music. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. Purchasable with gift card. However, Matashichi and Tahei were reunited soon after, setting us up for the reunion of Artoo and Threepio. Makabe persuaded the two peasants to help him save the pretty but imperious Princess Akizuki, also preparing us for Kenobi persuading Luke and the two robots to help save Princess Leia.

Significantly, Makabe used the promise of a reward in gold to secure the help of the two peasants, linking Artoo and Threepio to a desire for wealth. This reminded us that Threepio looked like a walking and talking Oscar statuette, reiterating that the battle to against the evil Empire in STAR WARS was also linked to a battle to defeat the evil and blockbuster lusting Spielberg Empire. Thus, the insidious spectre of beastly blockbuster lusts shadowed Artoo and Threepio as they traversed the desert sands and valleys alone.

However, they were soon tracked down and reunited in the same huge and tank like sandcrawler by the Jawakins, the roving scavenger Munchkins of Tatooine, as Munchkins were always the first creatures met after landing on an Ozian world. Curiously, before he was captured, Threepio stood lost and disconsolate beside the cascading and bleached white bones of a long dead desert beast-or was that Arrakian sandworm?

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This cascade of dragon-like bones prepared us for the arrival of Kenobi and his ability to howl like a Krayyt sand dragon. The bones also suggested that there was a primal and phallic power for Good or Evil hidden in these sandy wastes, a phallic power that eventually appeared as the Force of the Jedi.

These lush moons and planets also reminded us of the patient global transformation supervised by the Fremen that took place on Arrakis in Dune , particularly after the arrival of messianic hero Paul Atreides, whose healing wellspring of energy transformed the world, anticipating the transforming Spring energy of Luke Skyrocker. Standing beside this bleached cascade of dragon bones, Threepio looked like a sun god idol dug up by an intrepid archaeologist.

Strangely, a mysteriously bright object suddenly flashed in the distance and reassured the soliloquizing sun god idol that help was on the way. However, the flashing object could not be the huge, rusty brown and non-reflective sandcrawler of the Jawakins, the phallic worm of Arrakis returning in mechanical form. The Cowardly Threepio appeared to think so, for he waved desperately in the scorching sunlight at the mysterious approaching object. The Witch is Dead!

Hidden in their hooded robes, the Jawakins also reminded us of the hooded and robed Fremen of Dune , and anticipated the arrival of larger and more fierce desert predators on Tatooine. Luckily for the Rebellion and the little robot, Artoo did not disappear never to be seen again like the mysterious red polygon of THX Threepio was also there, suddenly transformed from golden Cowardly Lion to captured and frozen Tin Man like Artoo.

Here in the junk filled innards of the sandcrawler, the two frozen robots apparently drifted off into dreams within the dreams, for they were later awakened from their dreams by the sudden stop of the rambling sandcrawler.

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Artoo and Threepio were then led out of the sandcrawler into the sunshine of a desert farm by the Jawakins and lined up with the other scavenged robots for inspection and potential sale to two human farmers. This isolated frontier farm and its subterranean main house evoked the isolation of Modesto again as well as the subterranean labyrinth of THX Miller, jr.

Significantly, one of the farmers that strode up to inspect the assembled robots was an old, gruff and grizzled man name Owen Lars, whose stern and level headed manner recalled the small town Republican father of Lucas. Burroughs novel, A Princess of Mars Skywalker wore a virtuous white kimono like a sincere young samurai, confirming that Lucas was falling in the footsteps of Kurosawa and preparing us for arrival of the samurai-like J.

Striding out to view the assembled robots, the Jawakins were the first fantastic creatures Skywalker met in his Ozdyssey. However, the young hero did not notice, and joined Lars in his inspection of the robots. As the two knowing farmers carefully inspected the robots, an amusing conversation took place between Lars and Threepio concerning binary language. This conversation evoked a similar statement made by Robby the Robot-that walking juke box!

In fact, to underline the link to Robby, there was a hulking black robot in the lineup with Artoo and Threepio that looked like Robby. As Lars also asked Threepio if he could speak Bocci-a machine language that evoked bocce, an Italian outdoors bowling game perhaps introduced to Lucas by Coppola-this conversation also linked Threepio to Coppola-and Coppola to the Dark Side. But for now, Lars ignored Artoo and chose Threepio and an R2-like robot with red markings.

At this point, the POV switched back to Artoo. And tremble agitatedly she should, for the red markings on Red reminded us that Artoo actually contained the ruby red power object of the film. Unfortunately, before she could use some Force on the other robot, she was frozen even more into place by a Jawakin who reactivated her restraining bolt. This was a clear visual pun that underscored the sexual nature of the Classic Trilogy.

Clearly, Skywalker had to learn to master and control his own sexual mojo if he wanted to succeed as a true J. Lars and Luke agreed, and Artoo was allowed to leave Tin Woman status and roll on fluid wheels towards Luke and Threepio, finally completing this most Holy Trinity. And so the elemental powers of Fire and Water arrived to centre, energize and harmonize this dormant and Earthy Arthurian hero, linking him unknowingly to his twin sister, and eventually waking him up to his messianic destiny. Clearly, Artoo did contain the ruby red power object of the film in spite of her blue markings, for the ruby red power object was always given to the Ozian hero after the death of the Wicked Witch of the East.

Beautiful Leia floated in the air more like Glinda than Dorothy or one of the THX holo dancers, causing lonely Luke to fall unknowingly in love with his twin sister like Henderson fell in love with his blonde Glinda in the white Thunderbird. And also prepared us for a monstrous attack from the Kid monster to come. Artoo mischievously tricked Skywalker into taking off the restraining bolt of the Jawakins instead, telling Skywalker that the freezing bolt was preventing her from playing the entire message.

For, by releasing Artoo and her feisty female Force, Skywalker was now fated to leave his moisture Garden of Eden and embark on his Journey of Self Discovery. Indeed, after being called away for supper before he could persuade Artoo to play the entire message from Leia, Skywalker discovered when he returned that Artoo had fled the garage in his absence and disappeared into the night. Another Tusken appeared and persuaded him not to shoot, and then the two Tuskens hurriedly joined a third on elephantine Bantha back and rode after the landspeeder.

With their brown clothing and furtive movements, the Tuskens looked like older siblings of the smaller Jawakins. Indeed, Tusken sounded like Munchkin, emphasizing the Ozian link between the two desert nomads. And, like the hooded and dimunitive Jawakins, these Tusken nomads and their huge mounts evoked the indomitable Fremen of Dune , as well as the badlands mutants of A Canticle for Leibowitz and The Chrysalids.

However, with their bandaged heads, they also looked like hospital patients, preparing us for another pivotal crash in the life and films of Lucas. A terrifying Id monster magnified by the powerful subterranean machinery of the Krel that personified the uneasy subconscious of Morbius due to his tormenting and forbidden lusts for his beautiful daughter Alta, the only woman left on Altair IV for marriage and mating after the mysterious deaths of the other members of the expedition to Altair IV twenty years earlier.

Of course, given that the brave new world of television was emerging in the Fifties, Altair IV probably symbolized the forbidden planet of television that was luring audiences away from the Temple Theatre and its film art, symbolized by Altaira. Murrow, who had faced off against red baiting Senator Joseph McCarthy two years before on April 6, in a televised confrontation that had riveted the U.

At any rate, the forbidden lust of poor Morbius broke out again when the beautiful young Eve revealed that she was leaving with Adams for the Eden of Earth at the end of the film.

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This revelation caused Morbius to unknowingly create the Id monster once more, causing it to approach from the southwest and attack his house. Only this time, to be faced down and defeated by Morbius, a defeat that cost him his life but saved him from sin, when he realized that he was creating it out of a shameful lust for his movie star daughter. This second allusion underlined that a new monster from the subconscious depths was approaching. However, as Skywalker was so young, this monster was best described as a Kid monster. And the Kid monster duly arrived, in the unexpected form of one of the Tuskens rising from the sand in front of Skywalker as he peered at their Banthas with macrobinoculars.

Bellowing in primal fury, this Kid monster attacked Luke with a whirling tornado of American gaffi stick blows that scattered the two robots and the young hero. This scene reminded us that Princess Leia was knocked out by an Imp stun beam earlier, and that this knockout sent Leia off into the healing Ozian dream. A timely arrival of the Ozian dream, as healing Ozian energy was definitely needed by Skywalker to fight off sexually tormented Kid monsters.

Indeed, no sooner did they toss the unconscious Skywalker to the ground then they gathered around his landspeeder like teenaged hoods obsessed with cars and crime. As if to confirm that teenaged gang link, the three Tuskens started ripping off parts of the landspeeder and throwing them away, as if to make it look to other Tatooinians that Skywalker had been in a speeder accident.

And given that Tuskens were now linked to that crash, Lucas implied that incestuous Kid monsters that haunted his younger self were partly to blame for the accident, causing him to lose his focus and make that fateful turn into his driveway without looking in his rear view mirror. Another tall, brown robed, and hooded human figure appeared, looking like a tall Jawakin or THX priest, waving its arms to scare away the Tuskens like a Tatooinian Scarecrow as it approached the landspeeder. This new brown Scarecrow robed figure reached the side of Skywalker and bent curiously over him. Hidden in a nearby lunar cave like a Jawakin, Artoo watched this mysterious new figure and beeped anxiously.

Was this new figure that sinister sex predator, or a Force of Good and Light who had come to the aid of Skywalker? This kindly old wizard called Artoo over and revived Skywalker. However, this time he did peer into the unfamiliar face of the ragged Scarecrow wizard before him. A timely emergence, for coming fast on the heels of his violent encounter with the lawless Tusken Kid monsters, it was quite reassuring to see the calm and wholesome presence of Kenobi aiding Skywalker. Indeed, with his sun Fire tanned face, Water ruling moon white hair and beard, Earth brown robes and soothing Airy voice, Kenobi was a wholesome and naturally centred confluence of the four Ozian elements-a human Fifth Element!

Jedi Master who flowed with the Force. His name confirmed his wholey status, moving almost full circle from Ben Obi to Kenobi. This harmonious name also linked Kenobi to the four weeks of the moody moon, for his middle name Wan meant pale or white, a colour that best described the dreaming nighttime moon. The name Obi Wan also confirmed his Great Oz status despite his Scarecrow appearance, reminding us that the wonderful Wizard of Oz was originally an Omaha man.

Old Ben also recalled old Ben-played by J. Happily, the calming good humour of Omahan Kenobi soothed Skywalker as well as the audience, encouraging Skywalker to eagerly talk to the Krayyt Kenobi about the wayward Arttu and his dogged determination to find the old wizard. Indeed, the wise and kindly Kenobi was clearly the sympathetic father figure that Lucas and Luke never had. Ben could be the wizard Merlin finally meeting up with a grown Arthur in the Arthurian myths. Ben could also be John the Baptist meeting up with a young Jesus in the desert.

Soon these allusional depths were disturbed, however, when noises alerted Ben to the return of the Tusken Kid monsters. Advising Skywalker that it was time to leave, the two men rounded up the unconscious Threepio. Indeed, Skywalker was the first to find the missing Threepio, buried comically in the sand and looking again like a sun god idol dug up by Indiana Jones.

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This affirmed that on one level, Artoo and Threepio symbolized the frozen state that Leia and Luke lived in until they awakened to Jedi consciousness and became fully centred and harmonious adult beings. A journey that was picking up Forceful momentum, for with the meeting of a Dorothyish Luke, a Cowardly Threepio, a Tinny Artoo and a Krayyt Kenobi, a significant and healing Ozian conjunction had taken place. The domed dwelling also reminded us again of the tinker wagon of Professor Marvel, and the invitation Dorothy accepted from the travelling fortune teller to step inside and have the old rascal read her fortune shortly before the tornado arrived to carry her off to Oz.

This was a fitting reminder, and one that prepared us for another tornado that arrived to cut Luke free from Tatooine forever. Of course, the desert sanctuary also evoked the desert domocile of Professor Morbius, ominously reiterating the Kid monster nature of the Tusken attack. While repairing Threepio, Skywalker talked to Ben about his father. While evoking the mutated and evolved melange spice addicted Spacing Guild navigators of Dune in one of the few open allusions to the Dune novels in any of the STAR WARS films, this remark prepared us for the upcoming arrival of Chewbacca and Han and their own space freighter.

This link to Frankenstein was confirmed when Kenobi also revealed that the elder Skywalker had been killed by one of his pupils, Darth Vader. As has previously been mentioned ad nauseum in the past, Quantum Fantay are probably the best proponent of the space rock sound carved out by Ozric Tentacles.

Plug out of reality. Plug into your dreams and never stop chasing them!!!! Monomyth Further. Monomyth is a five piece band from Netherlands. Essentially they are an offshoot from Further is their second album and its a stone cold killer. Long instrumental space rock jams that set into a groove. Guitars dominate but plenty of shimmering keyboards including Mellotron sounds.

I hear a vintage Pink Floyd vibe going on here - think Prog may have the connotations of nerdy blokes in capes and wizards hats singing about dungeons and dragons, but gone are the pretensions in which the genre fell on its own sword excuse the pun. Prog now is a much slicker beast, albeit one that is still complex, enthralling and frustrating in equal measure. It seems that instrumental bands are beginning to make a name for themselves in the prog marketplace now, with the frankly astonishing success of The Physics House Band so far proof of this.

Monomyth then are cut from that same mould of slowly developing textures, hypnotizing rhythms and without a Lord of the Rings lyric in sight. At times capturing psychedelic influences of Hawkwind, and at others the well-oiled prog machine of Porcupine Tree, it is all gourmet stuff. Across 46 minutes, Further features only four songs, but songs which develop in sonic textures and rhythmic loops. And texture is really what this band is about. Listening to the controlled yet feral charge of Spheres and you will see how the song remains the same, but is somehow an entirely different proposition as it was 12 minutes earlier at the beginning of the song.

Further is a cracking album, encapsulating a world of prog and psychedelic influences across four nicely concocted cocktails of blissful musicianship. Quantum Fantay Dancing In Limbo. There are some changes to the lineup for Belgium's answer to Ozric Tentacles. Longtime guitarist Dario Frodo only appears as a guest on one track. He was replaced by Tom Tas. Overally don't expect any radical change in sound. Consisting of 4 long tracks, Dancing In Limbo blasts off into space and will trip you out with celestial synths and crystalline, laser-like guitar runs.

Causa Sui Euporie Tide. Euporie Tide is the latest release from this brilliant instrumental Danish psych band led by guitarist Jonas Munk. The quartet's music is rooted in improvisation but it has a beautiful melodic feel. Just free flowing jams of guitar, keys, bass, and drums. The tracks are a bit shorter on this one but it doesn't seem to hurt anything - if anything at all it makes the songs a bit more cohesive. Love the watery organ sounds - got that nice krautrock feel. Hope these guys come tour the US someday.

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Offworld Some Circles Are Square. Offworld are a Belgian offshoot from Quantum Fantay. Their brand of instrumental psychedelia has a lot in common with their sister band but has more of its own identity. You don't hear too much of the Ozric Tentacles influence that was all over the early Quantum Fantay albums.

Some Circles Are Square features guitar driven jams with plenty of back and forth soloing with keyboards. It can get heavy in spots but never metallic.

Pretty trippy stuff and very fun ride. Brainticket Celestial Ocean 2CD. Vandroogenbroeck was augmented by his girlfriend Carol Muriel and drummer Barney Palm.